About IWDA

Indian Women's Dermatologic Association (IWDA)

In 2006, when Dr Rashmi Sarkar visited San Francisco as an invited speaker for the 63rd Annual AAD she joined the Women's Dermatologic Society (WDS). She has been strongly associated with WDS since then and has served as advisor, chair and co-chair of the International Affairs Committee of WDS since 2011. The first WDS Networking Reception at New Delhi on Nov 1st 2009 became the stepping stone of IWDS, this was immediately after Dr Rashmi Sarkar co-hosted the WDS networking reception during International Congress of Dermatology in 2009 in Prague along with Dr Jean Bolognia and Dr Amy Paller. The,then President Dr Wendy E. Roberts, MD lent her full support by launching the event at New Delhi and served as guest speaker. The event was attended by over 70 women dermatologists, with focused sessions on Leadership and Balancing act.Top eminent nationalwomen educators, dermatologists and journalists gave talks in this event. This event was most fruitful, as it was during this time a Joint WDS Indian WDS was discussed with President WDS. After multiple Indian WDS network receptions in different cities in India, conducted mainly to disseminate the idea of WDS, Dr Diane Berson, MD(WDS President 2011-2012) and WDS executive body 2011-2012, approved the joint WDS- Indian WDS membership and this was passed in San Diego at AAD Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon of WDS in March 2012.

The Founding Committeeof IWDS:

Founding President:
Dr Rashmi Sarkar
Dr Latika Arya
Dr Richa Ojha Sharma

Since then, there is no looking back.The popularity and outreach of IWDS has been rising every year, with several networking receptions and meetings of Joint WDS - Indian WDS in different cities of India.

  • The receptions at Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL) Conferences / DERMACON in Lucknow (2010) and Jaipur (2012) has been extremely eventful with awareness about IWDS spreading at the speed of light.
  • The CSI Conference in Mumbai (2010); and the WDS Retreat at New Delhi, India, preceding the Annual Cuticon - Delhi (December 2011), co-hosted by WDS President Janet G. Hickman has been great opportunities to influence women dermatologist to join IWDS.
  • During ASPCR conference, New Delhi in 2012 a joint meeting was held under the able leadership of Dr Rashmi Sarkar and Dr VangeeHandog.
  • WDS President 2013-14, Dr Valerie Callender was guest speaker during Dermacon, Ahmedabad in 2013.
  • The First Joint WDS-IWDS Rose Parade of Cases was held at ICD 2013-Dermacon 2014 at New Delhi and was co-chaired by Rashmi Sarkar, DedeeMurrell and Wendy Roberts. This event was a big hit, with over 120 members and international speakers from United States of America, Europe, Africa and Australia on 2nd December 2013, followed by joint Pigmentary Disorders Society-Indian WDS Networking Reception and Dinner at Forte Grande, New Delhi on 7th December 2013.
  • In the month of April, 2017, a networking reception of the joint IWDS – WDS was held in New Delhi.
  • On 7th March 2018 at Hotel Park, an event on International women’s day was held.

Where do we stand now?

Indian Women's Dermatologic Association (IWDA)

  • After hosting so many successful meetings and events, it was decided to make a formal association comprising of eminent and enthusiastic Indian women dermatologists and this marked the dawn of Indian Women’s Dermatologic Association (IWDA).

First conference of IWDA

  • WODECON - 30 - 31 March, 2019 - Delhi.
    It was a gala event, including international faculty, Pearl E Grimes and Evangeline B. Handog, along with eminent Indian faculty and attended by over 250 delegates.

Second conference of IWDA

  • WODECON 2021 - July 17 - 18, 2021
And to conclude, this is just the beginning and journey continues.....

Flow of meetings

The meetings which were organized by Dr Rashmi Sarkar along with co-hosts Dr Latika Arya, Dr Rekha Sheth, Dr Geraldine Jain, Dr Hema Jerajani, Dr Sangeeta Amladi, Dr Surabhi Sinha.

  • In 2009 at New Delhi - WDS guest Dr Wendy Roberts from USA - 70 attendees
  • In 2010 at Lucknow - WDS guest Dr Michelle Verschoore from France - 80 attendees
  • In 2010 at Mumbai - WDS guest Dr Wendy Roberts from USA - 80 attendees
  • In 2011 at New Delhi - WDS guest Dr Janet Hickman from USA - 75 attendees
  • In 2011 at Gauhati - WDS guest Dr Rashmi Sarkar from India - 30 attendees
  • In 2011 at Jaipur - WDS guest Dr Michelle Verschoore from France – 60 attendees
  • In 2012 at New Delhi - WDS guest Dr Evangeline B.Handog from Philippines - 100 attendees In 2013 at Ahmedabad - WDS guest Dr Valerie Callendar from USA - 60 attendees
  • In 2013 at New Delhi - WDS guest Dr DedeeMurrell from Australia, Dr Wendy Roberts from USA, Dr Wilma Bergfeld from USA - 120 attendees
  • In 2015 at Mangalore - WDS guest Dr Michelle Verschoore from France - 60 attendees